Syed Kamall

Member of the European Parliament for London


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Companies need to be able to restructure themselves - Monday, 3rd December 2012
While the economy is struggling, businesspeople need to be able to run their businesses how they wish. Whether they and their staff can adapt to new challenges often determines whether a company or firm stays in business. Companies need to be able to restructure themselves, absorb other businesses, downsize operations or increase the number of workers they employ.

Conservatives will defend British interests and British sovereignty - Thursday, 28th November 2012
If we ever doubted that the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party are happy to say farewell to the UK as an independent sovereign nation state, we need only look at their support for the direct election of a European president in 2014. If you don't want a European State to exist, you don?t need a European President.

London is a global centre for technology - Monday, 29th October 2012
London is rapidly becoming a global centre for technology companies, with hundreds already located around 'Silicon Roundabout' at Old Street and elsewhere in the capital. We have here a business-friendly culture, which has brought tech start ups together into a cluster in this part of our city.

Money for Life Challenge - Monday, 22nd October 2012
I am passionate about making sure that the next generation understands how money and investments work, so that they can lead responsible lives free from money worries.

Environmental impact of Strasbourg sessions - Tuesday, 25th September 2012
Every month, the European Parliament relocates from Brussels to Strasbourg. Thousands of MEPs, staff, journalists and lobbyists make the journey for the Parliament's plenary session. Each month this costs around 200million and causes 20,000 tonnes of unnecessary CO2 to be emitted.

Small and medium enterprises - Tuesday, 18th September 2012
Small and medium sized companies are the lifeblood of London and the British economy. That's why I am proud to report back that myself and Conservative colleagues in the European Parliament have proposed measures to prevent regulations that come from Brussels from harming Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

London's economy would reap massive benefits from Estuary airport - Thursday, 30th August 2012
Emma Duncan's willingness to change her view on aviation capacity for the sake of London's economy is admirable (Wake up. We need a Heathrow third runway, 28 July). But her arguments against a Thames Estuary airport do not hold water. Far from costing the taxpayer 60 billion, a new airport could be financed privately as long as the politicians are prepared to give a consortium of investors the fast track permission and tax breaks necessary to make such a commitment.

The EU needs to be smarter about how it spends its money - Wednesday, 25th July 2012
David Cameron and many other European leaders have made it clear that any increase in the EU budget for next year is unacceptable. Yet it seems that bureaucrats in Brussels are not listening. Governments across Europe are cutting public spending to reduce unsustainable budget deficits, but the European authorities appear to be living in a different world.

Tell Thames Water what you think - Tuesday, 3rd July 2012
This spring we saw Thames Water impose a hosepipe ban. Soon after, Thames Water was accused of mismanagement after it was revealed that 25 bulk water storage facilities in the south-east closed since the 1980s, including sites at Stoke Newington, Hornsey and Barnes. One reservoir at Cheshunt was sold to developers with plans for 249 flats and houses to be built, while a water storage facility at Enfield was sold to a house builder.

My Money Week - Monday, 18th June 2012
As one of your London Members of the European Parliament, my job is to support London's position as a centre of financial services globally. The sector is one of London's biggest employers, yet many Londoners recognise the need to manage our money better.

Stop funding Argentina - Monday, 11th June 2012
Argentina owes the World Bank - an institution part funded by the UK - over US $16,000,000,000. Britain's share of the outstanding loans is over 200 million.

Health food supplements - Monday, 4th June 2012
New rules have just been passed in the European Parliament which will force many existing health food supplements out of the shops. The over-zealous new EU labelling laws will require any claim made on the label of a health food product to be subjected to detailed scientific tests.

Regional airport capacity - Tuesday, 29th May 2012
After the kind of weather we have had this spring, it comes as no surprise to hear many Londoners tell me that they are booking up to get some Mediterranean sun this summer. We need to accommodate this demand while meeting the challenge of planning a sustainable long term transport system. In the European Parliament I have been working with Conservative colleagues to find ways of using the spare capacity at regional airports. At a recent plenary session in Brussels we were able to force the European Commission to produce legislation to give passengers using regional airports a better deal. For example, we need to stop low-cost carriers counting purchases in airport shops as a second piece of hand-luggage, and charging them up to 30 to take it on board.

We must inject a sense of reality into the EU - Monday, 21st May 2012
The European Commission wants to increase the EU's budget next year by nearly seven per cent. This would add more than 7 billion to total spending and send Britain's annual contribution spiralling to 14 billion, or 666 per household.

Petty rules and retulations - Tuesday, 8th May 2012
Along with some British hairdressers, I am concerned about a new proposal between Coiffure EU, a group of European salon bosses, and UNI Europa, a trade union representing European hairdressers. The proposal would ban hair stylists from wearing wedding rings and watches on the grounds that they might be "unhygienic".

Project Umubano - Monday, 23rd April 2012
Every summer a number of Conservative Party volunteers carry out social action projects in poorer countries. Project Umubano, originally started in Rwanda, has taken root in other countries such as Sierra Leone. Volunteers engage in a number of activities such as providing healthcare, teaching good governance and providing entrepreneurial support.

EU sends taxpayers money to Argentina - Tuesday, 17th April 2012
Conservative MEPs have recently discovered that the European Commission is using taxpayers? money to run an aid programme to Argentina - at the same time the South American country is menacing Britain over the Falkland Islands.

Car insurance on the continent - Monday, 5th March 2012
Following an enquiry from a constituent, I recently asked a question in the European Parliament about car insurance when driving on the continent.

The Financial Transaction Tax is a tax on London - Sunday, 4th March 2012
Three years after the depths of the financial crisis, if a bank went bust tomorrow it would still have to ask for taxpayers? money to bail it out. For all the noise generated on the issue of banks and bankers, precious little of the new regulations that we have seen from the EU would do anything to prevent a future financial crisis. Instead, what we have seen is a land grab by the European Commission, aided and abetted by Germany and France, to take financial services regulation away from the UK.

Loan websites present costs in a misleading way - Monday, 27th February 2012
At a time when finances are under strain, people can find themselves needing a temporary loan. You can't always predict when the washing machine or boiler is going to break down, or when you are going to lose your job. Websites offering loans can provide short term help.

EU needs global trade - Sunday, 26th February 2012
The controversy over the euro and the Greek economy has distracted the EU institutions from the vital work that needs to be done to put Europe on the path to prosperity. It is time Europe?s leaders discussed the completion of the single market in e-commerce, energy, research and the services sector.

Recycye your old electrical items - Monday, 13th February 2012
The past few decades have seen the cost of many electrical items come down. As we accumulate more things, more and more is having to be thrown away to make way for new purchases.

Battery Eggs - Monday, 30th Janury 2012
New EU rules have just come into force which were meant to ban battery eggs. British farmers have complied fully with the new rules by replacing battery cages with high-welfare pens or free-range regimes. Even though farmers were given more than 10 years to comply, thousands of farms across Europe - particularly in Mediterranean and former eastern bloc countries - have not. As a result, 83 million "illegal" eggs are now being laid every day across the EU.

Jobs at Tate and Lyle threatened by misguided EU policy - Wednesday, 25th January 2012
Most of us know Tate and Lyle sugar refiners. They are the people who make the golden syrup that goes on our porridge and the sugar that goes in our tea. They have been based in London for over 100 years and their refinery at Silvertown is a well known London landmark. But they are being blocked by Brussels.

Better ways for consumers to sort out contract disputes - Monday, 9th January 2012
The European Commission has published proposals to promote out of court resolution of contractual disputes involving consumers. For example, if a seller refuses to repair your laptop which broke down when under guarantee, or if you cannot come to agreement with a travel agent over a refund for a ruined holiday, you may prefer to sort it out without the expense of going to court.