Syed Kamall

Member of the European Parliament for London

EC regulations will push up water prices

Thursday, 10th January 2013

Letter to London local newspapers

Dear Sir

At a time when our utility bills are outstripping our incomes, the last thing we need is for the European Commission to push up prices even more. Yet that is precisely what will happen to Londoners? water bills if the European Commission gets its way and adds more substances to its list of what must be cleaned out of rivers and lakes by the water companies.

While we all want to water that is safe to drink any new rules must be based on evidence. Conservative MEPs have called for the European Commission and the Labour Party to produce more rigorous scientific evidence of the benefits of removing traces of commonly used medicines such as diclofenac from our lakes. The requirement to remove chemical traces from water is going to cost the industry hundreds of millions of pounds, which hard pressed households will end up having to pay.

I am also appalled that the implementation costs are not being taken seriously. The Conservatives will oppose these completely disproportionate requirements.

Yours sincerely

Syed Kamall
Conservative MEP for London